Sunday, January 2, 2011

6MM ACW Test Field Fortifications

 One of my goals this year is to run a ACW campaign using my fairly large (3,000+ figure) collection of 6mm ACW figures.  In order to do a proper job I will need some field fortification and thought I should try and make some myself.  My armies use a 60mm x 30mm basing standard for infantry and calvary so the fortification bases are 60mm x 40mm.

The first picture are my test pieces - three straight sections, a 90 degree turn, an artillery emplacement and a breached section.

 Here's the view from the other side - they were simple to make - a bit of ground material and gabions made out of 1/8 inch wooden dowels that were "roughed up" with 60 grit sand paper.  A light layer of playground sand with be added to the defenders side.   The right side of the second picture shows a 60 x 30mm base which would be placed in the open space on the fortification stands.

I these work out, the next step will be to make some molds and cast a bunch of them.
Here is a very useful tool for modelers - "The Chopper II" - it allows one to make repetitive, precise cuts easily - say like a bazillion 5mm tall gabions.  The Chopper is left over from my rail road modeling days where I used to scratch build structures using scale planks!


Porky said...

They're good looking for test pieces. Simple but pretty, and obviously practical.

Consul said...

This is a great idea, well done!

Josiah Martin said...

Very nicely done! Can't wait to see a few painted up!

If I may make a suggestion, I would put a little dot of glue on the top of each one and put a sprinkle of dirt since the tops were open. (I'm sure you're already way ahead of me though!)

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments

Josiah - thats a great idea about the tops, I had not considered doing that but will now!

Scullmeister said...

Great project. Look forward to seeing how the molds work out. I like the Chopper!