Sunday, January 9, 2011

6mm ACW Defensive Works & Based Union Division

 Here's a picture of my new 6mm ACW defensive works occupied by a Brigade of Union troops.  I wanted to make some sectional defensive works that both fir how I base my ACW stuff and look relatively good on the table.

 So far there are four straight sections, 2 90 degree turns, an artillery position and a breached section.  I like the look of them and will likely make some more.  I'm undecided if I should make them by hand one by one or make some molds and cast them in resin.  I'm leaning towards resin and will try one to see how it works out.

 I'm still fiddling with the details.  One comment that I received on the previous post was to glue some sand at the top of each gabbion to simulate the "dirt" filling.  I plan on doing so once I find some finer sand to use.  My attempt at texturing the sides of the gabbions didn't work that well after painting.  All-in-all these are a good first start.

In addition to the defensive works, I finished basing another Union division (pictured) and am 80% through a similarly sized Confederate division.  The next step for the Union is to add the flags and they are ready for the table.


Beccas said...

Very nice work.

Josiah Martin said...

They turned out (not surprisingly) great!

Scullmeister said...

They look great. Well done.

paulalba said...

As the guys say, really great!
I'm always impressed when people can make the 6mm figures look so good as 10mm is the limit for my own eyes. Brilliant work. Love the defensive positions.

Monty said...

Excellent, as always...:)