Friday, March 18, 2011

Dreadnaught Action in the Pacific

 Last night I had the chance to play with a new group of gamers and it was a blast.  The game for the evening was a fictional Dreadnaught era naval fight pitting a combined Japanese and British Fleet against a American, German and Russian force.  We used 1/1000 scale Houston ship models and the  "Victory at Sea" rule set.  I was given command of two Russian Battleships.  This game was the first time for me with the Victory at Sea rules and they were both easy to pick up and fun.  We did use a rule were player's had to guess the range of their targets (no pre-measuring!).  That rule added a lot of fun - you can see my poor ranging abilities in the first picture as I bracket the lead Japanese battleship.

The second picture was taken a few turns later when our respective lines got to point blank range. You can still see that even when close, there were still some misses from bad range guesses.  The game was called a few turns later as a victory for the Japanese and British.  No ships where sunk in the engagement but the US battleship Iowa was in bad shape and my lead battleship was just about to go under.  The game was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed both the era and meeting a great new group of gamers.

It was a grand evening and many thanks to Dick and his wife for being such gracious hosts.


Beccas said...

Very cool. Naval gaming is a great way to wargame.

The Angry Lurker said...

Sounds like a good game and a good night was had, we all need to game more.

Man Cave said...

Lovely models - love the fall of shot splashes!

pp said...

It's a straddle!

Point blank range, oh my god, there's a few kapitans going to loose ther heads over that. The chaps directing fire obviously figure on running out the planks and boarding prties!

sounds like a fun game Miles the models look great, did you get to us any of yours?


jmilesr said...

PP none of the models were mine - but they are really nice. It was a lot of fun having to guess the ranges. I'm looking forward to another game

Docsmith said...

Avast ye salty dogs! Anyone manage to 'cross the T'? Looks like a lot of fun - and the terrain would be a snack!