Friday, March 25, 2011

WI # 282

Just a quick shout out to the publishers of Wargames Illustrated for putting out a great issue with number 282 (April, 2011) and getting it delivered to my home in the states in a very reasonable timeframe.  In the past it would take 2-3 months for an issue to show up but it seems that the BF team has their North American magazine distribution sorted out.

As for the contents, it's a great issue and it comes with a separate free set of rules for another Vietnam extension of Flames of War.  The issue also has a lot of content related to either Black Powder (to scenarios / battle articles) or Hail Caesar - a very detailed battle report.  Hat's off to Warlord Games for organizing a nice series of articles to support their products.

After reading the article and a few solitaire test plays of hail Caesar, I am really looking forward to picking up a set of the rules.

I just have to resist the urge to game Vietnam in 15mm, as I really don't need yet another project to complete.

Now it's back to painting 28mm Romans


john de terre neuve said...

I enjoyed this issue quit a bit my self, I am almost tempted to subscribe.


The Angry Lurker said...

Still haven't been able to get mine yet but it sounds like it will be a good read in the toilet.

Unknown said...

15m vietnam is great, I urge you to take on a new period you'll totally *sound of door slamming and foot steps running into the night * dig it man. Muahhh hahahahahaaaaaaa.

scolldown a bit


jmilesr said...

PP - you are an evil facilitator! Very dangerous, indeed

Angry - what a coincidence, I seem to store my copies of WI in the loo also