Friday, April 1, 2011

The French Prepare to Move Out

 Tomorrow night is the big Peninsular game at Ernie's house and I'll be contributing my meager French Army to the fray.  It's been awhile since my guys have seen the table top and I'm excited for another big Napoleonic game.  My army currently consists of approx 380 figures and boasts 7 36 figure Line Infantry battalions, 1 42 figure Guard battalion, 3 guns and crews, 1 20 figure Light Cavalry, 1 24 figure Cuirassier and 1 28 figure Carabiniere unit.  The total French force for saturday's battle will boast 26 infantry battalions alone!
 Here's a shot of my infantry.  All the Line infantry figures are Perry plastics.  The Guard are Foundry figures.  I really like the Perry plastics and find painting them a lot easier than metals.

 Here's a picture of the artillery and my carabiniere unit.  The artillery are Perry metals and the carabiniere are Perry plastics (French heavy cavalry set).  The artillery crews were some of the first figures I painted and you can see they need some touch ups.
 The other 2 calvary units of my little army are a 20 figure Light calvary (Perry Metals) and a 24 figure Cuirassier unit (Perry plastics - again).
 Here's a close up on the artillery and the rather basic crew painting - well one has to start somewhere.

 That must be a terrifying sight if your a British soldier on the table top!

 Here's some close ups of the Line infantry.  All of my figures are based as singles with magnetic bottoms which facilitates using different basing standards.

 Another view of the infantry.

The Carabiniere's are my favorite unit - I love big heavy calvary units thundering across the tabletop. I've had mush success with these lads in the past - sometimes their mere presence is enough to sow confusion in the ranks of my opponents.  Alas, I'm not sure if these guys, my Cuirassier or the Guard will be included in the battle.  Ernie is trotting out something to do with "historical accuracy" and indicating these troops were not present in the battle we're playing.  I think it's just a plot by the British players to gain an edge!




James Brewerton said...

Wow that is a truely awsume sight, makes me wish I played Nap, it still remains the only major period I have never painted, maybe one day a customer may want some. Cheers for sharing.
Peace James

paulalba said...

Same as James says WOW!
Great to see your army you have built up, very inspiring.
You you will be doing a battle report of the action.

Josiah Martin said...

Very impressive army! It's very imposing!

Man Cave said...

"I'll be contributing my meager French Army to the fray" - Are you kidding me? Thats a fantastic array of Frogs - well done indeed!

Ray Rousell said...

They look like a mighty force to me, nice looking and very well painted!

Stryker said...

They look great - looking forward to the battle report!

Docsmith said...

Miles - that's a great little army. How nice are the Perry's? I agree with you re painting the plastics - much easier to handle. You've done a great job putting it together, trouble is, you just know it won't stop there! The real trouble I've found is space to store them all - before the Minister of Finance (She Who Must Be Obeyed) goes on the warpath!


jmilesr said...

Storage? I need to find hiding places before "the Boss" figures out just how many little men do reside in our abode.