Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Packed and Ready for Historicon

 As of 7:45 Eastern Standard Time, I'm all packed up and ready to head out to Historicon tomorrow morning.  All of my figures for the Hail Caesar game on Friday are packed up and I've included some modeling supplies to fix the inevitable transit damage.  I have a new level of respect for GM's after experiencing what a pain-in-the-*** it is to get everything packed up.  Never-the-less, I'm looking forward to the game and hope I don't botch things up too much.

 Here are some better pictures of the completed Warlord Sarmatian Cataphracts.  They really are lovely models and will likely be the star attraction on the table top.

 The long kontos (lances) make them a bit awkward to pack up, especially the 2 figures in the back with the kontos at port.  These guys take up twice the room other 12 figure calvary units use.  They are very nice looking sculpts.

 I still need to attach the bows and swords and just will not get around to it by the time of the game on friday.   While slow, cataphracts are very formidable units in the Hail Caesar ruleset.

 Here's a shot of the completed unit status markers. A die in the upper right will track loss levels and I'm using a skull in the lower right to indicate if the unit is shaken.  The squiggly red marker indicates disordered status.  I'm hoping these stands control the clutter that can occur with unit tracking in a Hail caesar (or Black Powder) game.  We'll see how they work out.

Lastly, here's a shot of all the status trackers.  I gave up on using figures and resorted to shields to make the stands a bit easier to finish.  I find the look of the shields to be a bit "cleaner" than the wounded soldier figs.


Dave S. said...

Have fun at Historicon! I like how the casualty stands turned out. I'll be interested to hear what others think.


BigLee said...

Enjoy Historicon! Looking forward to reading your post show report!!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Cav looks great and the markers are super. Good luck!


jmezz382 said...

Love your unit status stands ... enjoy Historicon

paint pig said...

Good luck, Im sure you wont need it, you have done a great job with the figures and planning now to get the humans sorted!


Monty Luhmann said...

I didn't know you had so many ancients-centric posts! Loved your Historicon fort, games and Sarmatians. They look splendid!