Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Warlord Sarmatian Cataphracts Finished and Casualty Stands

 The 12 Warlord Sarmatian Cataphracts are now painted - whew that was a lot to complete in three days.  As I've posted earlier, the figures are amazing and I can already see some opportunities to clean up the paint job.  Sorry for the poor pictures, I'll post some better ones later.

Here's a picture of a single trooper.  Those Kontos are very sharp!  I still need to scenic the bases but will get that done on Wed and then it's packing up and heading off the Historicon.

 I also made 20 casualty stands to be used in the Hail Caesar game.  A dice will go in the upper right box to track casualty levels and I have markers that denote Disordered or Shaken status for the lower right box.  There are 10 trackers for the Romans and 10 for the Dacians.  I stole the idea from Curt over at Analog Hobbies.  I think this help reduce the clutter that can occur when playing Hail Caesar and its associated casualty tracking.

Since I play both Hail Caesar and Black Powder, I magnetized the casualty stands so I can swap out period specific markers.  It wouldn't do the use a Roman Auxiliary marker for Napoleonic French.  As you can see, like the cataphracts, I still need to scenic these bases which shouldn't be that trying.

I have some scenery elements to finish for my game on Friday, but I think I'm nearing the finish line.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice looking unit!

I also really liked Curt's idea and will be using something similar.


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice work especially the casualty markers.

Curt said...

Looks great, Miles. Glad the casualty stands are working out for you. I like your magnetic modification - good idea.

Beccas said...

The casualty markers are a sweet idea.

Spinifex said...

these markers are a great idea, and the Sarmatians look very good

Vinnie said...

Nice painting I have been looking at those figures for a few days now and like how you have done them. Might have to buy some myself then.

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments.

I really liked the Sarmatians - great detail and I still need to add the sword and bow pieces. I'll be getting another 12 of the figures to build up a Sarmatian army over the next few months

Achilles said...

awesome idea!
I will be stealing this ... :)