Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's "kind of" scale modeling

 Today I made a scale model of the robotics field for my son'e Robotics team.  It may not be military miniatures, but it is scale modeling of a sort.  The team uses the mock up to plan match strategies "dry-runs" of autonomous programs.  We've found it much easier to debug the code if everyone has seen a 3d walk trough of what the 'bot was supposed to do before we observe what it does.

 The model also serves as a great tool when communicating with the team we will be playing with during a match at a competition - there are four robots on the field at once (2 per side) so it get very busy and hectic during a match.  the more pre planning of actions, the better we tend to do.

The boys are thinking of making more of these fields and selling them to other teams - we've had several offers for last year's model.  Who knows, I may be getting into the scale model making business after all!

Here's a look at the actual field (not completely set up.  There will be 100 racquet balls in the four cylinders during each match - this year's game design is very challenging.

Oh well, off to coach robotics practice

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The Angry Lurker said...

"Oh well, off to coach robotics practice"..not many people get to say that!