Sunday, October 9, 2011

Viking Saga Warband Complete

 I managed to finish up a small (4 point) Viking Warband to use with the Saga ruleset.  This force consists of a single Warlord, 3 units of Hearthguard (elites) and one unit on Bondi Warriors (Regulars). I have another unit of Bondi Warriors to add to the force at a later date.

 Here's the first unit of Hearthguad - all plastic Gripping Beast Vikings.  I tried my hand at painting shields and lets just say I need some more practice.  I did check with Ernie and Barb at Architects of War and they just got in some more Little Big Man transfers - whew!  I did try to keep the shield designs the same for each unit to help keep things organized on the tabletop.

 My second unit of Hearthguard are Viking Beserkers, all metal Gripping Beast models.  Beserkers get extra attack dice but at a cost of lower armor values.

 The third and last unit of Hearthguard, also Gripping Beast plastics.

 Here's the big man himself, my warlord.  I have yet to settle on a fittingly blood curdling name, but don't worry one will be found in good time.

Lastly, the 8 figure unit of Bondi Warriors (Gripping Beast metals).  I like the stark black and white shield design.

I'm looking forward to trying these lads out on the tabletop in the next week or so.  Now it's on to their Norman foes!


Cyrus said...

They look great, particularly like the Beserkers. Not sure about the uniform shield designs - I think they mixed things up with individual designs.

jmilesr said...

I agree that the uniform shield design isn't realistic - it's a concession to keep the games organized - unit cohesion is really import in SAGA.

Once I get some more LBM transfers I'll likely mix 'em up a bit

DeanM said...

Nice work, Miles. I like those guys with animal skins. I'm waiting for one of my local gaming buddies to host a SAGA game. Best, Dean

captain arjun said...

I used those tiny beads that ladies use for their nails to distinguish between my units:

For Vikings, maybe runes may be more appropriate:

John de Terre Neuve said...

Very nice Miles, I will look forward to see how the rules work out

Hein said...

A nice looking warband you have there.

The Angry Lurker said...

The black and white pattern gives them a jomsviking look, nice work sir.

Ray Rousell said...

Nice painting, I like the Ulfhednar figures, the look excellent!!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking warband.


MiniMike said...

They look very nice. These Saga rules seem popular these days. Hope you have some good games with them.