Thursday, March 1, 2012

FOW: Nebs and a Jag

 Finally some finished mini's!!!

As reported earlier, with the new release of FOW ver 3.0 a return to 15mm WWII was in order.  The first project will be to finish up a 1,750 point German Panzer Grenadier Lehr company.  The artillery support will come from a small battery of three Nebelwerfers which are now ready to take the field.

 My painting of 15mm figures is very basic - uniform, flesh, boots and weapons then a wash of GW "Devlan Mud".  I usually don't bother with webbing or other details.  Call me a heretic but these guys do pass my 2 foot rule - if they look good from 2 feet, they look good period.

 I also finished up a Jagd-Panther model I had.  This is the one that comes in a box set (with a ruined house to hide in.  It's not really in my force list for the Panzer Grenadiers but it was a fun model to build.

Next up with be the second Panzer Grenadier platoon as well as the company command section (you can see the primed models in an earlier post. All of the half-tracks will be the new Plastic Soldier Company models.  The PSC german half tracks are very good models and I'll likely be using one of the four extra I have to become part of an objective marker.  Once the germans are finished I move on the a US armored company.

I'm looking forward to some FOW games and may even renew my quest to actually compete in a tournament.


Ray Rousell said...

Some very nice looking figures!!!

Beccas said...

I go off blogger a while and now your playing FOW. Great painting,