Friday, March 23, 2012

Great Customer Service from Battlefront

Wow - Battlefront's customer service team has outdone themselves again.  I had recently purchase a pair of German SdKfz 7/2 anti aircraft half-tracks and noticed on Saturday that one of the kits came with 2 right side track pieces rather then one left and one right. (By the way, the picture is from the Battlefront website and not the one I will eventually build.)

I've had good experience with Battlefront in the rare occasion this has happened in the past so I used their centralized customer service email and sent in my request for a left side track section Saturday evening.  Mid day Sunday I got an automated response saying I was case blah, blah, blah and that they were working on it.  To be honest I was a little worried then given the delay on the auto-email.

I had nothing to fear.  On Tuesday at 9:01am a package was delivered to my home with the missing part.

That's pretty darn impressive!  The email goes to NZ gets routed to the US and the part is sent out to arrive in essentially one business day.  Add that experience to the free FOW 3.0 rulebooks and you've got a superb example of a company that "gets" customer service.

That'll do, Battlefront, that'll do...

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The Colour Kiwi said...

cool, nice to know someone appreciates us :).