Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trafalgar Game Setup

 What's this?  A game being set up on my gaming table???

It has been a long time, but it's time for a game.  I'm setting up a game using the Trafalgar rules for my friend Ernie whose been working way too hard.  The game will use my 1/1200 Langton models for a hypothetical clash between a French/Spanish fleet and a British / American one.

Heres the British / US setup.  10 British ships and 3 US (at the top)

 The main British force consists of one 1st Rate, 5 3rd Rate (large) and 1 3rd Rate (small).  That's a very potent force given the quality of the crews.  The Brit;s also have 2 small frigates in a separate squadron.

 The US fleet is smaller but of even higher crew quality and consists of 2 3rd Rate large and one 4th Rate (the USS Constitution).

 Opposing the Brits / US will be the French, which have 2 2nd Rates, 5 3rd Rate (Large) and 2 frigates.

Helping out the French are their Spanish Allies, which are lead by the lumbering but fearsome Santisima Trinidad (a 1st Rate on steroids) and 3 3rd Rates.

I'm still working out the scenario "special rules" and hope to get the game organized in a week or so.

It's good to have mini's back on the table!

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