Friday, October 5, 2012

Building Sectional Terrain, Part V

 The main focal point of the battle of Lundy's Lane was a hill that traded hands several times during the battle.  I finished the basic structure of the hill last night.  It's a 3 foot x 2 foot piece of terrain that will sit on top my terrain boards.

 Here's a close up of one edge.  The hill will be relatively light but very sturdy.  I'm focusing on playability rather than geological accuracy so the Hill will feature a very flat "top".  Today's mission for the Hill will be to cover it in hydrocal soaked paper towels and add some of the rock faces.

In all honesty, I screwed up some of the terrain boards in the previous post.  I didn't wet the boards before applying matt medium in spots.  The result is the medium doesn't spread evenly and you get what look like dribble marks.  These may fade over time but it's best to redo those spots the right way.

I surprise myself with my capacity to repeat silly errors like this with each project.  Oh well, it's a good thing I was only working on make-believe terrain!


Maashes Caisteal said...

Big fan of this terrain series. I got the same spots on my boards twice. Once when I washed them. Then I did it again with the poly finish. Those spots never fade.
Are you still planning on being at Fall In?


Sir Tobi said...

Hi Miles,

since I now have a blogger account, I finally can leave a comment, too. I was 'a silent follower' for quite some time now and enjoy your blog very much.

As for the terrain - have you tried using acryl on the wood? It works like a charm. I'll make gaming mats with this technique, but it also works on harder surfaces:

Best regards,

DeanM said...


Your work is always impressive and on a grand scale. Cannot advise on your project as I normally go with ready made stuff. Best, Dean

jmilesr said...

Maashes: I will be at Fall-In and will be running my game Friday at 1:00 (PEL event F-103)

Tobi - great tutorial on making game matts!

Dean: Thanks I'm afraid that you and I typify the difference between quality (you) and quantity (me)! I can't paint anywhere close to your standard so my only hope is to overwhelm with volume! Where have we heard that before....

Thanks for the comments