Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lundy's Lane - Final Units Completed

 The final four units for my Fall-In War of 1812 game are done!  Outside of a few command stands and some terrain I think the game is good-to-go.

For the British, there is a 30 figure unit of Indians mounted on large oval bases (Renedra bases).  For the US  (from front to back), there is a 12 figure unit of Mounted Kentucky Rifles (w/ dismounted fig's too!), a 36 figure unit of Maryland Militia and a 36 figure unit of Marines featured previously on the blog but never fully sceniced.

 A few other shots of the final figures.  Those of you with any knowledge of the Battle of Lundy's Lane might be howling now as there were no Mounted KT rifles, Maryland Militia or Marines at the battle and you would be correct.  I'm making a few minor edits to the orders of battle to make things a bit more fun for the players.

 Another shot of the figures.  I really like the Indians and look forward to getting them on the table.  I should point out that the Kentucky rifles and Maryland militia were painted for me by Mike M who is a very talented painter and will be the overall commander for the British for our game at Fall In.  Mike also won vignette competition from the Perry painting contest sponsored by Architects of War at last July's Historicon.

Lastly, after years of nomadic painting throughout the house, I finally broke down and bought a hobby workbench for a permanent "home".  Since it would be in the open it had to look nice and executive management (my wife) allowed me to order up one from American Workbench.  I need to get some better lighting but I'm very happy with the bench.  The book holder in the center is sized to hold an I-Pad so I can watch football on Sundays (using Direct TV's "Direct Ticket"), stream movies or listen to podcasts/music.

I'm still tinkering with organizing the workspace but look forward to many spending many hours there avoiding much more important duties.


Ubique Matt said...

What a lovely looking workbench! Great setup and figures.


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent figures and an excellent workbench as well.

Flags of War said...

Great stuff mate. Im really jealous of that bench though

American Workbench said...

Wow, Miles you really did set the bench up quickly!
It Looks super!!

My Best,

John Zirpola
American Workbench, LLC

DeanM said...

Impressive work as always, Mile. Love the natives - interesting and effective look using round unit bases. Best, Dean

Phil said...

A great collection...and workbench!

VolleyFireWargames said...

Would love to see close ups of all of these newly painted figures - where did you get the dismounts for the Kentucky rifles? I have 10 mounted figures from Old glory. Hey your painting desk is great wish i could organize mine as well

Phyllion said...

Id love a bench like that to work from!

Dalauppror said...

Very nice minis !

Greate looking work space !!!

Best regards Michael

Docsmith said...

Great job on the 1812 figures and agree with Dean - the round basing on the Indians is particularly effective. As for your workbench - green with envy as it would be PERFECT for my study too! And Minister of War and Finance approved too - bonus!


Sir Tobi said...

Great figures, they really make up an impressive force. Your painting table is stunning but looks a little like a Japanese Torii - marking a miniatures-temple district so it seems...