Saturday, April 20, 2013

Even More Perry 28mm Confederates on the Day of Salute!

 What a surprise - a 10th Confederate regiment made up of 28mm Perry Plastic miniatures.  That means 240 of the fine gentlemen have marched across my paint desk.  I think it's time for a change of pace for a few weeks....

 OK, these guys aren't really finished - the bases aren't done, there's no flag and the shading is still drying but there good enough to post.  I needed a break after milling out some spare parts for Sean's Robot to bring along with us later this week.

The confederates will be used as part of a linked set of games at Historicon.  The first game will be Friday evening and will be a skirmish game using the new ACW skirmish ruleset from Architects of War "Uncivil War".  Friday's game will feature a 28mm scale ironclad (complete with interior!).  I can't show any pictures of the ironclad but lets just say its a sweet objective.

The outcome of Friday's game will have a direct impact on Saturday's game which will be a large ACW battle for 4 players per side.  Check them out when the PEL comes out.

For all of you who are across the pond and going to Salute have a great time and post lots of pictures of what you see there!