Monday, April 15, 2013

FRC Robot Video - Match play

Above is a video taken from a camera mounted on my son's FRC robot during last weekends FRC event - the Cheasapeake Regional/  The robot scored an event high score and the team added the point count and dings when a frisbee scores to help the viewer keep track.

This year's game involved an ultimate frisbee concept and we built a "sniper-bot" that would shoot the full length of the field.  There are three robots per side on the field and each weighs in at 120 lbs so these are fairly large pieces of equipment.  You'll notice both a buzzing sound and a bit of a camera shake when the shooter powers up - it's built from two spinning wheels (one at 6,000 rpm and the other at 12,500 rpm which are used to shoot the frisbee's through a rail system.  We can vary the speed of the second wheel to impact spin and arc.

Robotics is a lot of fun!