Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Loki's Great Hall 2nd Anniversary Give Away

As all marketers know, avarice is a powerful motivating tool.  It's perhaps the second most effective way one attempt to manipulate - oops, I mean to say "motivate" human behavior.  It seems that Mr Saunders over at Loki's Great Hall has mastered this technique with his newest give away promotion.

Please use the link below and go check out Loki's Great Hall.  It's a fantastic blog that features great painting and gaming articles.  Also you'll be warmed by thought that visiting the blog will enhance my ability to win stuff and, really, isn't that what we are all here for?

Here's the link:

Loki's Great Hall

Yes I know the link and the blog name are a bit different, but I'm sure that's part of Mr Saunders very sophisticated internet security protocols.  Who know what he does in real life that requires such clever obfuscation.

Seriously, it's a great blog and worth your time to take a look.

Ok back to painting Perry Confederates....


Andrew Saunders said...

Being Loki, trickery and obfuscation are just part of being me on a daily basis ;)

DeanM said...

Yes, an appropriate name for sure. Great site - thanks for sharing it, Miles.

Great stuff there, Andrew - loved the M&T game on the previous post.

Best, Dean