Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blitzkrieg Miniatures: British Crusader Tank

 A quick in-progress shot of a 28mm British Crusader tank from Blitzkrieg models.  I picked up a few of the Blitzkrieg from the Architects of War booth at Historicon to flesh out my British 8th Army unit I'm building for use with Bolt Action.  My overall impression of the kit is extremely positive.

The Blitzkrieg models are all resin and this one came with 7 pieces.  I would say the resin casting is the finest I've ever seen - the Blitzkrieg line is VERY impressive.

I've also started a bit of work on some of the 28mm Perry British 8th Army figures.  The plastics are up to the very high Perry standard - they are just head and shoulders better than the Warlord plastics.

I'll post a more detailed review and walkthrough of the Blitzkrieg model in a few days.  I need to good find some decals....


James Brewerton said...

That is a fine looking Tank, looking forward to seeing this army develop
Peace James

Monty said...

The Crusader looks very good. I'm looking forward to the Desert Rats review and the progress with your forces.


DeanM said...

Looking good, Miles. Love the unique look of the tank. Best, Dean

Curt C said...

Thanks for posting your opinions on the Blitzkrieg and Perry line. I've been waffling on these but think I'll dip my toe and see their offerings.