Monday, September 30, 2013

4 More 28MM Terrain Pieces

 This weekend I continued the terrain making focus and completed 4 28mm terrain pieces.  First up is the American Farmhouse from Perry Miniatures.  This is a very simple kit to put together and I need to add a few more details to the front porch.

 Next up is the Church/Meeting House from Architects of war.  This kit is made of resin and has some heft to it.  It also has a complete interior which I still need to finish.  I think this one came out nicely.

 The third piece is another plastic kit, Renedra's "Ramshackle Barn".  Like the Perry house above, it's easy to put together.  I need to add a lot more weathering as it looks more "just built" than "ramshackle".

 Lastly, and perhaps my favorite of the group, is the Architects of War pig sty.  This is a great little kit which features a resin bases and metal detail parts.  It also comes with four pigs who are still on the painting workbench.  I've played numerous games at Ernie's when the pig sty was on the board and it always tended to become a focal point of any battle.  The details in the casting are very well done and include everything you'd expect to find and/or step on in a pig sty.

 Here are some more shots of the various terrain pieces.  Why all the 28mm terrain?  I'm planning to GM another largish ACW or War of 1812 game at Cold Wars and I want to get all the major terrain pieces out of the way by the end of November so I can focus on fleshing out the armies.  I also find that building terrain requires a lot more space and is messier than painting minis - the ground flock gets everywhere.  I've found in the past it's a lot more efficient to batch up my terrain projects and get them done in groups.

I'll likely be shifting over to some more trees and some new sectional terrain pieces.  October is a very pleasant time of year to be doing  carpentry work outside!


Thomas said...

They look nice - might get some of them for my Wild West - Project!

Monty said...

Looking good!

DeanM said...

Excellent looking terrain, Miles. Where do you store all your stuff?! Best, Dean

Curt C said...

Great work Miles! Love the Pig Sty. We must be thinking alike as I'm slowly grinding through some terrain as well (which I usually avoid like the plague).

Secundus said...

These look lovely, I really should paint mine but I can never tear myself away from painting the troops.Great stuff.

peter said...

Great looking terrain pieces!