Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late Summer / Early Fall Garden Action

 Yes, what wargaming blog isn't made complete by the inclusion of exciting "action-shots" of in-process gardening.  It seems our garden has regained a new lease on life after a rough summer of insects and horrible weather (way to much rain and cold).  I suspect the reason for the insect issue  being resolved has been having 15 or so of the rather largish (2 inches!) Yellow Garden spiders move in.  They seem to be  voracious eaters and our pest problems have disappeared.  Of course, now my wife has an excuse not to go in the garden, which leaves more work for me...

 First up is the Kale and Beet bed which is going great guns.  I'm not really a fan of either but the wife likes 'em and they grow well in our weather. There are some fall green beans in the back which will grow up and along the back fence.

 Our Broccoli and Egg plant are still recovering from the insect attacks - I doubt we'll get a lot of broccoli but one never knows.

 The weather really took a toll on our tomatoes and we actually lost a few plants.  The rest seem to be coming back and we have a lot of green tomatoes growing right now.  You can also see that our Mellon's and cucumber vines have come roaring back.  I've never seen a mellon vine do that before.
Another pic of dead tomatoes to the left (see the gap) and mellon vines going crazy.

Pepper plants - we've got two kinds, normal green peppers in the lower left and then some hot peppers in the middle.  At the back are some Zucchini and beens.

 This bed's not doing so well - the Zucchini are on there last legs and the eggplants didn't really take. I'll be pulling these out and replacing with garlic bulbs (at least that's what the wife say's I'll be doing).  The Okra in the back is doing fine.

 In the back corner are some fall egg plants, some beans and my pride and joy - brussel sprouts!  The planter to the right has a raspberry bush.

 A close up of an Okra flower - for some reason Okra grows gang-busters here on the Eastern Shore

 Obligatory pepper shot

This mornings pickings - tomatoes, green and hot peppers, okra and green beans.  Can anyone say Salsa?


Grenzer John said...

So... When's dinner?

Chris Stoesen said...

Fantastic garden.

James Brewerton said...

great looking cottage garden, is this some of the pay back you have to do for the free hand on the wargames room

Andrew Saunders said...

your making me hungry!!

Cyrus said...

You've got a great garden there Miles!

Monty said...

The garden looks very nice and your haul looks delicious.

That reminds me that it's time for lunch nearly... ;-)