Sunday, October 6, 2013

Perry 28mm British Infantry Completed

 The first box of 38mm Perry British infantry is complete - all 38 figures!  I apologize for the horrid photos - I thought natural sunlight would be great but not so much in this case.  Anyway the first batch of Brits are done.

 Yet another awful photo.  12 of the figures use the SAS heads that are supplied in the box - there are enough heads to do 18.  The Bren carrier is a separate kit.

 Three guesses what my next Bolt Action army will be - perhaps this picture of a Blitzkrieg models Panzer III J provides a hint.....

I'm looking forward to picking up a few boxes of the Perry DAK to go with the Brits.


Paul Robinson said...

Nice to see some progression.

Doc Smith said...

Nice job Miles - they have that suitably sun-bleached look! I've just made up my first box/platoon of Perry's as the Aussie 2/7th who fought in N Africa, Greece and Crete against the German paras. I've given a few of them some of those wicked long bayonets too as they liked that 'close-in' work (the Germans and Italians - not so much!) I've also made my Brens and the Boyes AT rifle as teams with loaders. They really are fun to do but they certainly took a lot of time to do! You've managed a great result with the Bren Carrier too - that looks particularly challenging to do. It'll be good to see how your DAK turn out (my next Perry's order!)