Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yet More 28mm Japanese

 22 more figures were completed today for my Japanese Bolt Action army.  All of the figures are metals from Brigade Games Pacific line.

 First up are twelve Japanese riflemen, which form the core of my Bolt Action force.

 Next up are 6 Suicide Anti-Tank figures.  The rules in "BA" are very interesting for Japanese Suicide anti tank teams - each unit is a single fig and gets it's own order die.  If they survive defensive fire it's an auto hit with 8+ penetration (that's pretty devastating in "BA" terms).

 An 81mm mortar just to add to the fun.

Here's a shot of the whole Japanese force.  I'm planning on fielding 5, 12 man squads and 6 suicide anti-tank teams plus a tank and some other support.

The sharp eyed amongst you may noticed a primed flamethrower team that may get added to the mix.


Curt C said...

Great stuff Miles! Your force is really fleshing-out nicely - well done!

tim said...

Looking good Miles. A very nice addition to the force!

Rodger said...

They look wonderful Miles!

James Brewerton said...

Great stuff Miles a very impressive looking force

Paul Robinson said...

Great work. I could start another project here if I'm not careful.