Monday, October 21, 2013

Bloggers for Charity Troops Arrive!

I'm participating in James and Andrews Bloggers for Charity event this year.  My small role will be to paint 13 figures up as the 60th Royal American Foot.  The figures just arrived today and will be going to front end of the painting queue.

What's Bloggers for Charity? - it's a great event that was dreamed up by James and involved a lot of bloggers contributing their talents to raise funds for charity while pushing toy soldiers around.  I think it's a grand idea and I was very flattered to be asked to participate.  To be honest, I'm a little intimidated given the painting skills of all of the other contributors far outpace my meager skills.

As for Bloggers for Charity - I think its a fantastic idea and suggest you all go over and check out the website and think about pitching in where you can.  I like the idea so much that I've agreed to help lead next year's efforts so any ideas are greatly welcome.

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Andrew Saunders said...

Glad to see they have arrived safely, good luck with the painting and if you need any assistance just shout