Saturday, October 12, 2013

Terrain Production Resumes

 It's early Saturday morning here in Maryland (5:15am) and the terrain production line has been restarted.  Currently "on-the-line" are some more tree plates, stone walls and hedge rows (all from Architects of War).  This morning's activity consisted of priming and dry-brushing basic colors.

 Stone wall sections and the 90 degree turn sections for the hedges.

 Straight sections for the hedges

A last picture of the walls after a quick dry brush of dark grey.  The next step for the walls will be a very light dry brush of white for highlights and then some flock.

Is there a master plan for all the terrain that's been under construction?  Well, ummm no.  I'm just going through the inventory of projects to flesh out the 28mm terrain inventory.  Plans?, PLANS?, there's no planning in Hobby Projects....


Monty said...

Blimey Miles, you're really going for it! Get in there, sir! :)

Phyllion said...

That's quite a production line. White is interest g to undercoat terrain in.

Monty Luhmann said...

Good work! You can never have too much terrain.

jmilesr said...

It's grey auto primer, not white.

I use grey automobile primer when there are a lot of exposed rocks of the piece - it save painting time!