Thursday, December 18, 2014

Interesting Day

 Today was a very interesting day.  First off, I was on a conference call in my office that was interrupted by a flock of sparrows chattering and flying into my shrubs and hitting the house.  The cause of the commotion can be see in the center of the picture if you squint - a Red Tailed Hawk came by on a "grocery" trip - he was very successful.

It was a very cool moment and the call ended up focusing on my "play-by-play" of the hunt rather than the topic at hand.

Also arriving today is my main Christmas gift - a bunch of electronics parts that will be turned into a collapsible quad copter by him over the Christmas break.  The components which include a GPS module and a video camera cost less than $200 and will be turned into something he can sell for $1,500 if he wants to (which he will not).

I remember the days when I would assemble the toys for him so he could play with them - now he just wants the parts and enjoys building them himself.

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