Thursday, March 5, 2015

28mm Gurkha's & a Grant: Finished!

 My 28mm scale WW2 forces continue to expand with the addition of 21 Gurkha's and a Grant tank.  The Gurkha's are metal figures from Warlord and the Grant is a resin cast from Blitzkrieg.

 The casting quality of the Gurkha's was very low and I spent almost 6 hours cleaning them up - it's usually not a good thing when model clean up exceeds model painting time.

 A good number of these lads will see action this coming weekend at the Cold Wars Bolt Action Tournament.  There are two events, on Friday my DAK army will see the table for the first time and then Saturday it will be my Brits turn.

 The Grant tank is another superb resin cast from Blitzkrieg - these models are really nice.  We are spoilt for choice in 28mm vehicles right now with all the wonderful options from Blitzkrieg, Rubicon and others.

 I painted this up for a Pacific look but it will also bee seen with the 8th army.

Next up some 28mm Fallschirmjager's that have been primed and awaiting painting for over 4 years.


Paul O'G said...

Nice work Miles - you are a machine!

Monty said...

Great stuff, impressive!

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Excellent Miles!