Tuesday, March 17, 2015

28mm Perry British Intervention Force Artillery

 I've finally painted up my first group of Perry BIF in the form of to artillery pieces and crews.  These are also one of my last submissions for the AHPCV.

The uniforms are kind of sketchy as I was having trouble finding good references for the a Possible British Intervention Force.  Rather than buckle down and keep looking I just sorta winged it and went with a "British enough" look.
 I'm surprised at how large this new Perry line is.  I'll be debuting these figures at Historicon and plan to have a 6-8 infantry battalions, 2-3 artillery and a cavalry unit (Lancers!) ready by the July con.

I've farmed out the infantry to friends so will have all the units I need for the con done by May - which is a first for me.

I do have a lot of terrain work to do, which will become my main focus for the next few months.


DeanM said...

Great looking artillery and crew, Miles. But just where was this intervention?

Mike Bersiks said...

Royal artillery should be in a dark blue uniform. Late victorian troops in tropical assignment might also be in khaki (like in the Sudan) but these look to be in European uniform.

Michael Mills said...

A cracking entry mate, I really liked this one. Not sure I can catch you now!

jmilesr said...

Mr Mills - I'm ok declaring a tie - we're pretty darn close in points!