Wednesday, January 13, 2016

AHPC VI: Submissions 7, 8 & 9

 A fairly eclectic collection of submissions last weekend.

First up are the remaining 4 28mm scaled tanks from the Trenchworx "Tanks in Manchuria" kickstarter - 1 Soviet OT-26 flame tank and 3 Japanese tanks.
 I used Vallejo "Russian Uniform" green as the base coat for all four tanks.  I like the shade as it's gives a nicely "faded" base color.

 The Japanese Type 95 Ha-GO light tank.  The camo pattern is "loosely" based on the Burma campaign and was painted using "blobs" of flat brown and sand yellow streaks.

 One of 2 Type 97 Ch-Ha Medium tanks
 The second Chi-Ha.  I broke the arial while trying to fit it to the hull so this arial has a bit of battle damage!
 Lastly, the Soviet OT-26 fame tank.

I am a big fan of the Trenchworx kits and recommend them highly.
 Next up some more 28mm WW2 Russians - some Siberian Veterans!
 There's a 10 man Siberian Veteran squd, a medium machine gun team and a leader an aid.
 I like how the leader fig is employing state of the art Soviet comms technology.
 The Soviet horde to date - a bit more to add.
 Lastly, I finally got around to building and painting up the plastic Victrix British Artillery box.  I still need to do the caissons but will get to those another day.
 Victrix Napoleonic plastics are true scale rather than heroic scaled so they can be a bit delicate - notice how thin the ram rods are.


DeanM said...

Great looking tanks and artillery, Miles! A buddy of mine wanted us to get into the Battle of Nomonhan, and some of these tanks look the part. That Victrix British set is one I wanted to get too, but ended up with Perry RHA. BTW, did you use an airbrush for the tanks?

Lee Hadley said...

I Love the tanks. The camo looks excellent.

john de terre neuve said...

Wow great set of figures, I have a couple of Japanese tanks to paint, and I love how you have done the camp.


Paul O'G said...

You have been a busy boy haven't you!
Nice work mate