Wednesday, January 27, 2016

AHPC VI: Week 5 Update

With 5 weeks "in the books"for this years Painting Challenge, I remain well ahead of plan and last years pace.  To what do I owe this performance surge?  Clean living and happy thoughts?  Painting Enhancing Pharmaceuticals? Careful planning and cunning strategy?  Sadly none of the above.  It was 30 inches of snow that kept me housebound for 3 days and "forced" me to paint up 357 points worth last weekend.  Although there was a good bit of Malbec consumed during the Blizzard which may constitute a painting enhancing pharmaceutical.

Anyway today I've finished 1,785 points worth of stuff compared to a plan level by week 5 of 1,140 and last years mark of 1,607.  I know, I know it's kind of pathetic I keep these stats.  My points totals include my submission for the Epic Fail round which has yet to be included in the "official" score.

What's up next?  I'm working on the Defensive terrain bonus round which has become a bit bigger than I expected and will likely be my only submission for week 6.  Weeks 7 & 8 will also not see a lot of activity as I've got some international business trips to the UK and the Turks and Caicos for my firms annual meeting (rough duty).

Through 5 weeks the following has been painted, all in 28mm scale

246 Infantry

1 Calvary

13 Guns

13 AFV's

2 Elephants

2 Gunboats


paulalba said...

That's is superb, the snow was God sent! Well done!!!

Curt C said...

You rock Miles. Lovin' the whacky stats.