Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge: Submissions 11-15 - Blizzard induced productivity

 A bit of a points bomb over this weekend due to being housebound from 30 inches of snow - 5 submissions and 4 different time periods.
 First up 9 civilians from the 28mm Perry AWI line.  I'll be using these as dock workers during the upcoming Historicon game this summer.

 Some German support weapons in 28mm.  All the figures are from Warlord's Bolt Action line and there's an 81mm mortar, a MG42 (gotta have one of those!) and a Fallschirmjager 105mm recoilless artillery piece.

 A bit more WW2 in the form of three AFV's from three manufacturers.  A Warlord BA-10 armored car, a 3D printing panzer IV from RPG and a Hungarian assault gun from Mad Bob Miniatures.

 Switching periods - a 32 figure Portuguese regular infantry unit in 28mm from Frank Rank Miniatures.  I really like Front Rank and am begging to think the quality of their metals is a bit better than the Perry's.  They centennially are much easier to clean up.  The completion of this unit finishes up what I need to put on the game at Historicon.

 The last submission is just for fun - another armored War Elephant from Sgt Major Miniatures.  That brings my collection of allies to 4 and I should add building out a successors army to the to do list.

Next up for the challenge is the defensive terrain bonus round - so I got out my handy Proxxon Hot wire cutter and got to work.  What will this entry be?

You'll just have to wait and see......


Ray Rousell said...

That's some going Miles, wish I could find the time for a paint bomb or two!

Paul O'G said...

Great to see you made the most of the Snowmegeddon Miles!

Francis Lee said...

Prolific and quality work Miles!

Curt C said...

Awesome work Miles. Blizzards are great, eh!! (Sorry, a Canadian thing...)

That Hungarian assault gun still looks like a nummy block of cheese to me...