Monday, February 8, 2016

AHPC VI: Week 7 Update

We're now past the seventh week of the challenge with 6 remaining and my painting has totaled 2,094 points.  Thats just over my initial goal of 2,065.  These totals include my estimate for points from the terrain submission.

Due to some business travel, the next two weeks will not see a lot of activity as I'll be in the UK next week and then the Turks and Caicos the following week and British Airways refuses to let me paint while inflight.  Last year I also had a similar unproductive 2 weeks for the exact same travel which you can see in weeks 6 & 7 of last year's points (the blue line).

Given how productive the first few weeks of the challenge will be, I've raised my target to 2,500 and will be focusing on the Nautical challenge that is coming up on 2/28

Week 7 saw my first non 28mm scale submissions as I finished up a 15mm Fallschirmjager Pak 40 anti-tank gun unit and an Elephant.  I've haven't played a lot of Flames of War lately but am getting excited for the game with the impending publication of the two Pacific war books: Gung-Ho (US Marines) and Banzai! (Japanese).

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Michael Mills said...

> British Airways refuses to let me paint while inflight
How uncouth! Shame, shame...