Saturday, February 13, 2016

Back from London

 Just got back from a hectic three day trip to London.  One of my portfolio companies, Clear Score just moved offices from Hammersmith to very near Lambeth Bridge.  I was able to take the first shot of "Big Ben" while walking to dinner Tuesday night.

I really like the south bank and the new office is a very short walk to the Imperial War museum!

The second picture is from the new office location on Lambeth road and is located about 200 yes from Lambeth Bridge.  The picture also has the obligatory images of double decker buses.

This was a very busy trip with several boring board meetings and some negotiations for Clear Score related contracts.  My apologies for not having time to break free to see my gaming friends in London.  Hopefully I can rectify that in the next few weeks.


TamsinP said...

Sounds like a very busy trip Miles.

Hopefully we can meet up again next time you're in London :)

Stuart S said...

Sounds like a productive trip Miles and their was I thinking I was the only wargamer in the credit checking community :-)
All the best.

Paul O'G said...

Work trips aren't generally fun trips I find, though there are the odd highlights :-)