Monday, February 22, 2016

Some FOW Stuff for the Challenge

 Over the past few weeks, I've been painting up a lot of odds-n-ends in 15mm to finish up some Flames Of War armies - first up is a Fallschirmjaeger  Pak 40 AT gun unit and a Elephant.

 Next up some more FJ's in the form of a heavy mortar unit and and Panzer IV / 70 AT gun

Next will be some Japanese FOW stuff - I'm getting very excited about the upcoming Pacific books!


Paul O'G said...

I have an elephant in need of some attention. You shame me Sir, in the best possible way!

jmilesr said...

Shaming you is one of the benefits of the hobby!

I hope you're settling in back in Aussie land and that "Magnet" is still crushing you in X-Wing!

Monty said...

FoW, drat! I still have a plastic panzer grenadier platoon languishing in their box from last year's Salute! :(

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Very smart. Love the empty cases.