Thursday, August 25, 2016

He's off....

 Yet another sentimental post - Yee-Gads I'm becoming a softie.

Sean left for college yesterday.  He'll be living off campus in an apartment for his senior year so he's taking our old SUV (with 205k miles on it and still running nicely)

A few shots of the car all packed up.
 Yes those are old 33 records in the bin - they've come back into style for the listening quality.  It really is true that everything old is new again sometime.
 The departing picture with a purposefully goofy smile (he doesn't like posing for pictures)

And there he goes.  For whatever reason this year's departure really hit me hard.  Perhaps it's because it's his last year of college or the fact the he didn't need (not likely want) my help in getting to school.

He left about 10:00am wed morning and I was a wreck for the rest of the day.  Oh well back to becoming a curmudgeon.



irishserb said...

Hang in there. It sounds like he's doing alright, and now you might even find time to paint a few figs.

Peter Douglas said...

I am sure that both you and he will survive the year just fine.

Paul O'G said...

It could be worse - he could be going to University 5 miles away and still living at home, like my daughter... :-)