Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mothers and Children

 Yesterday was a rare day of contemplation here in the Lair as I pondered the special relationship that exists between mothers and children.  It came to my attention as I was watching a mother deer nursing her fawn in our front yard.

To be honest, my initial reaction was to rue the silly local laws that forbid the discharge of firearms in a residential area as they were munching on our shrubbery.  The a state park in the backyard that full of stuff to eat - why pick on my yard?

Once I had stop railing about the infringement of my 2nd amendment rights, I was able to think back on the special relationship that a mother shares with her child.

Queue fading harp music......

A few hours later I was confronted with another scene of a mother and child as my son has just returned from his summer internship in San Francisco and has decided to grace us with his presence for 2 whole days before returning to Carnegie-Mellon for his senior year.

Of course he's a bit larger than the fawn coming in at 6'4" and has the lithe and delicate frame of an offensive lineman.  But he does share one likely characteristic with the fawn - he's terrified of his mothers wrath (as am I).

Sigh, he heads back to school today for his last (hopefully) year of college.

Any of you want to hire a soon-to-be CMU grad with degree in stats and robotics?  He's really good at lifting heavy stuff.

I really can't afford to feed him any more.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Buy a bow and arrow and feed him the deer - it's a win/win/win situation as you don't get arrested for discharging a firearm, the shrubbery is saved, and the offensive line backer gets good quality fat free protein rich meat... :o))

Paul Robinson said...

Nice post. my wife can't wait to get our son home either. then after a week of trying to keep the fridge stocked wants him to back to University.

Peter Douglas said...

My answer is the same for both the deer and the kid. You let them follow you home, you take care of them and feed them....Although venison stew sounds good too.

Guidowg said...

Crikey, 6/4 what do you feed him!!!
No deer here but we have had the odd kangaroo in the front yard.