Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lamps Done

 The switches for my son's steam punk lamp Christmas present are all done.  More impressively, I didn't give myself a shock (it's happened before)

There's an on/off switch on the base and the water valve acts as a dimmer (that was a bit of pain to figure out how to do!).  Technically since the bulb can be controlled via a phone app (and it's a blue tooth speaker), it really doesn't need a dimmer.  I just thought it would be cool and a great excuse to pick up a few rotary switches.  Amazon can be a very "bad" thing.

 A better shot of the lamp.  The white power cord is temporary - it's what I had in the shop.  I've got a old cloth covered one on order from Amazon (it's a fake antique) but it will not arrive by Christmas.

If you try this project please read up on switches and good safety steps in building something that mixed electricity with iron pipes.

I doubt I'll wrap this present but I'll think he'll like it.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Now that is pretty cool - did you say the light bulb had some kind of bluetooth as well??

jmilesr said...

Yes - It has a built in blue tooth speaker so you can stream audio to the build. The sound quality is really good. The build can also be operated via a phone amp to turn on/off and dim/brighten. It's pretty cool.

The company that makes the bulbs is called Sengled

legatus hedlius said...

"If you try this project.." Little chance of that! looks excellent though. You are very clever. I never have understood what Bluetooth is...