Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Back from London

 Sadly, painting challenge prep took a backseat to business needs as I was in the UK on business.  It was longer than usual trip (7 days) but overall very good.  I really do enjoy wandering around the city.
 Of course the gaming related highlight of the trip was dinner with the "famous" Legatus Hedlius.  In fact I now know one of the greatest secrets in the gaming world - Legatus's real name.  Sadly I am sworn to secrecy...  We had a very nice dinner and I appreciate him taking the time to meet with me.  I will try to lure him across the pond to attend a US Gaming convention.

 The obligatory visit to the Hotel Chocolate (this is the one in Waterloo stations).  My wife really likes their chocolate and with Christmas coming up it was a must do.
 More pictures of Lambeth Castle - I really like it and will be using these for ideas for terrain making.

 I made it a point to eat at pubs almost the entire trip - here is a English turkey dinner fro the "The Rose" pub in Vauxhall - very nice

 I always enjoy going to the Imperial War museum and really took my time going through the WW1 exhibit.

 My new "favorite" place to eat in London is the "Black Dog" pub also in Vauxhall.
Sadly this trip proved expensive since I was held over for 4 days so that required an additional Christmas shopping visit to a certain location in Mayfair......

Other than a few day trips next week, I'm done traveling for the year and can return to more important things such as prepping and priming figures.  Oh yes and spreadsheets to - mustn't forget those!


Ray Rousell said...

Looks like a fine trip, shame we couldn't get the game at Reject HQ worked out Next time Miles....next time!

Edwin King said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit. But that castle is a palace!

legatus hedlius said...

Never seen Lambeth palace! I had a fun evening too, considering difficult family circumstances that week, and you cheered me up.