Sunday, November 27, 2016

Back to Challenge Prep Work

Back to prepping for the Challenge - Curt is a harsh taskmaster!  First up an starter US Force for Team Yankee.  I still have another Cobra helo to build but the was missing a parts sprue.  Battlefront is usually very good about these things and I'm sure it will be along in a few days.

And to go with the US a Soviet force.  The new Plastics for Team Yankee are superb as was the US infantry.  Unfortunately. the Soviet infantry was rather poorly cast but those are the breaks.

 It wouldn't be a challenge with a few "big battalion" units painted up.  Up first is a 40 figure 28mm US Infantry unit from the War of 1812.  I purchased these figures from Brigade games and they are superb.

And back to 15mm - a Japanese infantry company and heavy machine gun unit for Flames of War.

This round of prep work totaled:

- 40 28mm infantry figures
- 231 15mm figures
- 25 15mm vehicles

Not bad for a few weekend mornings.


Blaxkleric said...

Looking forward to seeing these all painted up. I'm hoping to get my hands on the "Team Yankee" soon (as its coming free with an order from "Wayland Games"; so I'm sure your postings will be tempting me no end :-)

TamsinP said...

That's a decent amount of prep you've got done there Miles. Look forward to seeing it all painted :)

Paul O'G said...

Wow- impressive productivity there mate. I've been prepping for weeks to get that much done !

Looking forward to the fun of the fray, especially now that MAGNET is enrolled for AHPC too - we have a Father v Son Blood Bowl side challenge going!