Thursday, November 10, 2016

AHPC: More Prep Work & Bringing Out the Big Guns

 Yet more Prep work in progress

On the 28mm Frostgrave front a bunch of plastic and metal knolls and 11 adventurers.

On the 15mm Ancients category the first of a whole bunch of Romans and Sassanid Persians.

Yeah, yeah, I know this figure prep really isn't the best indicator that the Challenge is coming around - but there's another more accurate indicator....

A new set of Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes!   I always like to start the challenge with a new set and have learned that both in business and in life it never pays to go cheap on your tools...

Oh yeah, just look at those babies purring in their custom "garage".  They're just aching to get painting.  Truly Winsor & Newton's are the Bugatti's of the miniature painting world.

I take good care of the brushes whilst engaged in painting combat - cleaning after every session.  However, despite the best of care, the wear and tear of the challenge session often proves too much even for the most well crafted brush.  I am amazed at their bravery in the face of such daunting survival odds.  Never has so much paint been applied by so few tiny brushes.

Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes, I salute you!


Paul O'G said...

You make a good point on Remembrance Day. We need to take care of our veterans, thank them for their service, and look after them in retirement. Many of my brushes have similarly seen extensive service on many fronts and scales. Perhaps its time for this Old Guard to receive reinforcements.

I look forward to seeing what this Winsor and Newton stable can achieve!

Neil Moulden said...

I love painting with my Winsor and Newton brushes. The control you have is amazing.