Monday, November 7, 2016

Frostgrave Terrain IV: All done - for now

 The ruined tower is done - the static grass still looks a little fades as the matte medium is still drying.  This was a lot of fun and like most of my terrain projects had no planning at all.  I had a 4 inch wide cardboard shipping tube in the workshop and decided to make a tower on a whim.

I made add some more interior details if I've got time this week.
The two pieces side by side.  I think they came out well and will be put to use next weekend in a Jon's Frostgrave game.  It may be hard to see in the picture but each piece has an access point on all four sides - some are easier than others.  In a "treasure hunt" game like Frostgrave it's important not to let the terrain give an advantage to one player over the other.


Michael Mills said...

Looking good Miles! They look a bit clean and tidy though. Maybe a bit of dry brushing and some snow/tufts?

legatus hedlius said...

Nice to see some Frostgrave scenery that actually looks like a ruin! Far too many complete looking buildings around for my interpretation of the place!

Ivor Evans said...

Well done Miles! How do you think they will hold up to travel, any possible issues?

Monty said...

Blimey, Miles - good work, sah!!

Paul O'G said...

Looks good mate, well done!
On a constructive note: +1 for some tufts to give it a more neglected and bedraggled look