Thursday, March 14, 2019

Attack on Foy / Disposable Heroes

Last Monday night at the club, I got a chance to play in the final test game of the Attack on Foy prior to Cold Wars.  This WW2 action was featured in the Band of Brothers TV series and was also one of the games in the first season of the club's LittleWarsTV project.  Here's a link to that video.

As you can see the table looks great.  This version of the game uses the WW2 ruleset Disposable Heroes, which were written by Keith Stine.  Keith's also the gentleman putting on the game at Cold Wars so at least there will be no rules disputes as you'll have the author at the table.

The game has a very interesting activation structure where each side is given a number of activation chits and during a turns the sides alternate actions were a chit is used to allow a squad/fire team to do 3 actions.  It can move 3x (3 inches each), shoot 3x or combinations of those and other actions.  A player can activate the same squad multiple times in a turn so it's really interesting and forces you hard decisions on what to do each turn.  I'm sure I'm not explaining it well but I really liked the mechanic.  It provides a very nice ebb and flow for tactical action and avoids the alpha strike issue one can experience in more traditional I go / you go type games.

I had never played the rules before but was able to pick them up after the second activation, that makes these really good for a convention game.

I think the people who have signed up for this game at Cold Wars are in for a real treat.

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Itinerant said...

I think it’s unusual activation/turn structure, the off board support fire, and the limited use of troops (2 squads w 3rd in reserve) May be reasons this has been a little slower to take off.?

I was surprised to see the German book not hit its Kickstarter number, but I see that it was printed and will be at cold wars. I would like to see it do well because Kieth seems to be a solid guy.

Sounds like you had a good time though. Let us know how the games go.