Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Painting Challenge Submission 5: Minefields, River Monitors and Panzer IIIs

My 5th submission for this year's Painting Challenge is an eclectic mix and contain my first two projects related to the "Chambers' of Challenge" aspect.

First up are 6 minefield hexes - the mines are visible if you look hard and that's the point - players should stumble upon them rather than see them

Nothing to fancy here - justs a standard rubble hex with about 10-15 "mines" attached

The mines where made with a tiny hole punch I used to make rivets back in my model railroading days.  I used black 1.5mm thick matt board for the mines.

The next chamber related submission are two 15mm scale River Monitors from Battlefront's Vietnam line.  The hulls and turrets are resin and the gunbarrels and other details are plastic.
These models are being painted up for a fellow club mate and you may see them on You-tube in the distant future.
Lastly, as I was organizing my hobby space, I stumbled on a box of Panzer III J's from Plastic Soldier Company.  Knowing these would be most handy for my Stalingrad project, I built and painted them up.
These models are not as detailed as the more recent Battlefront plastic kits but their at least 7 years old and where pretty ground breaking in their day.

I am supposed to receive an order from Battlefront today which has a lot of early war Soviet tanks and AC's so expect to see a lot of Russian armor over the next few weeks.

With this submission, my total points for the Challenge stands at 1,233 out of a total target of 2,500.  I'm feeling pretty good about my "productivity" but the points accumulation pace may slow as the next few projects are related to Hex terrain and that requires a lot of steps so progress will slow.  Still I'm feeling pretty confident I'll beat my target.

This year's challenge is off to a blazing start and I really do recommend you go over and check it out.  Most of the painters participating this year have skills way beyond mine and the quality and breadth of their submissions is most impressive.

Lastly, as announced on our You-Tube channel, the club is kicking off a ancients campaign based on the Pyrrhic campaigns of 280 to 275BC.  The Romans "senate" will choose which players from the club oppose Pyrrhus and his allies.  Who is the senate - the patrons of the channel so it should be fun to see what roles we all get to play in the campaign.  You might even get to see my Republican Roman army on the table top.  Who is playing Pyrrhus and his allies - that's a secret, for now.



Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

You've done some great entries so far Miles.
I'm likewise slacking off on productivity, although more pressures of real life work for me.

Codsticker said...

I look forward to following that campaign- you guys have chosen a great setting for a campaign.