Saturday, July 21, 2012

Historicon Day2: Hail Caesar At the Con

 Just a few shots of the two Hail Caesar games I ran at Historicon.  I'll post some proper battle reports when I have a bit more time.  The same scenario was used for both games - the Roman forces that are besieging the Dacian army are attacked by a relieving Sarmatian calvary force.

 Initial contact during the first game.  I know, I know, Historically Romans didn't mount Scorpions on Elephants but they look cool and these are my toys!  I think at least 20 people felt the urge to try and correct my historical interpretation.

 The first game was decided by this fight as the Romans tried to desperately beat back a Dacian sally and against the odds they did - win to the Romans!
A few shots of the second game, which was much more bloody and saw see-saw fighting for the Hill with the Roman artillery - that was the objective of the Dacians - destroy the artillery and they win.  Those Cataphracts at the bottom of the picture got to within 1.5 inches of the artillery before being beaten back - it was a very cool fight.

The other side of the hill saw a very messy infantry fight with the Romans got the better of - a win to the Romans on the second game.

I was pleased with how the games played as they both went down to the wire and all the participants seemed to be having a great time.

I may run another game tonight - it depends on how much energy I have to set the whole thing up again!

It is both rewarding and fun to be a game master at these events but today I think I'll just go out and play somebody else's game!

Edit 7/22:
I was surprised that I was the only person running Hail Caesar games at Historicon again this year.  The ruleset is very well suited for convention gaming as they can be simplified and are easy to teach.  There was a good bit of Ancients gaming going on but it seemed to be mostly tournament focused using older rules sets.  While Hail Caesar is a great game, it does require a good bit of judgement in rule application and isn't really a good fit for the tournament gaming set.


Peter Douglas said...


Lovely pictures and I like the heffalumps. Nothing like a public game to bring out the "helpful" members of the hobby to correct your historical interpretaion eh?

Illegitimi non carborundum

Standard rule of thumb: You volunteer to run a game, you get to choose what shows up on table. I often find in volunteer situations that a comment to the effect of "hey you seem like a guy with a lot of good ideas and energy, why don't you run a game next convention?" has a wonderful effect in making the suggestions go away.

ON the other hand, I'd probably ask about the heffalumps but I'd try and phrase is as "I didn't know that.." or "did they ever do that?" rather than "you know that's not historical don't you".

Enjoy someone else's games today!



DeanM said...

Fantastic looking games, Miles. I think Hail Caesar are the perfect rules for cons; simple and fast playing, yet rewards tactics too. Best, Dean

Itinerant said...

I've only played in a few cons and feel as though I give the GMs a lot of slack. However, after having run my own con game, I will be even more lenient.

I enjoy doing it though.

Your games look great and I say, "give yourself a break and play in someone else's game.

Curt said...

Well done, Miles! My misanthropic nature precludes me from gaming at these open events but I applaud your sterling efforts. Your turf fort is especially brilliant - bravo on all accounts!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

It seems you did an excellent job in designing the scenario's if they were so closely foght. Well done and I'll echo Curt on the brill grass hill fort!


Beccas said...

Grand looking games. Wish I was there.

paulalba said...

Looks great!!!

Black Knight said...

Thanks for a great game, Miles!