Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Progress on the Dacian Fort

 I made a good bit of progress on the sectional Dacian fort for my upcoming "Hail Caesar" game at Historicon.  I've got five feet of fort sections finished (except for some detailing) and will be trying them out in a few test games over the next few days.

 Here's the fort sections as the stood early Saturday morning.  I used pink foam as filler materials for the rear of the fort and to also make the berm in the front.

 In this photo you can see the defensive stakes behind the berms.  The stakes where made out of 1/8 inch dowels and where sharpened using a pencil sharpener - it was surprising how well that worked.

 The front gate actually swings open and closed.  Brass wire was used to make the "hinge" for each gate section.  The holders where thin plastic tubing - it was the tubing that comes with a new brush.

 Making the sections was very messy business and took awhile to clean up.  You can see a can of Army Painter strong shade in the picture.  I experimented with that for coloring the wood but decided to go with brown umber paint.  I think I need a few dry brush passes with a lighter color to soften the tones.

 Another shot from the front of the fort.  I need to add a roadway through the gate and will use either Durham's Water Putty of a piece of plastic cobblestone roadway from Plastruct.  One of the good things about being a former Model Rail Roader is that I have a lot of scenery material lying around waiting to be used.

Here's a picture looking over the wall at the assaulting Roman army.  There's a good bit of work to do to tweak the scenario before the con.


Anonymous said...

Looking real good!

Ferb said...

That's an impressive looking piece of terrain.

Curt said...

Brilliant job, Miles. I really like how the turf embankment turned out.

Allan and Carmen said...

Fantastic work. It looks very impressive from here and even better on the table I bet.

Happy Gaming,