Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Saga Normans and No Power

 Due to a freak thunderstorm last friday night, most of the region is still without power and that's impacted my prep for Historicon.  I don't have power / access to my workshop so terrain making for the Historicon game is on hold for now.

I've switched to focusing on fleshing out my Norman Saga war band which will compete in the Saga tournament at the con.  Recently completed are 1 unit of 4 mounted hearth guard (first picture).

 The second unit completed is a 12 figure bowmen levy unit.  This brings my Nroman's up to the six points that are needed to compete.  The war band consists of:
- 3, 4 man mounted Hearthguard units
- 1, 8 figure warrior spearmen unit
- 1, 8 figure warrior with crossbows
- 1, 12 figure Levy bowmen
+ my Warlord who lacks a suitable silly name as of this moment

I'm debating replacing the either the levy bowmen of the warrior spearmen with a second unit of warrior crossbowmen - ahh decisions, decisions.

As for the Hail Caesar game - the base for the Roman Onager was finished and sealed so that unit's good to go.  I still need to test play the scenario a bit but I think it's in good shape.


Monty said...

Nice one, Miles!

Steven MacLauchlan said...

Great looking Normans! Working on my 4th point as we speak :)

Remember you can only have 1 unit of 8 crossbowmen though!

Steven MacLauchlan said...
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Allan and Carmen said...

As Steve said!

Great looking Norman Warband.

jmilesr said...

Ahhhhh - you are right Steven, Normans can have only one unit of crossbows per war band - I really should fully read the rules!

Looks like my little war band is set for the tournament!

Steven MacLauchlan said...

So I decided to jump in this tournament too! I'm a total Saga n00b so I'll probably get my head caved in, but I am looking forward to it!

I'm thinking I'll run my Normans with 4 Hearthguard, 1 warrior crossbow unit, 1 levy bow unit

jmilesr said...

Excellent news Steve - I'm a Saga noob also and this will be my first tournament - that makes me a double noob!

Hopefully the pressure of competing does't overwhelm me to the point where I go into a fetal position and sob. Of course that may be a cunning way for me to protest rule called against me...


Allan and Carmen said...

Very funny :-D

I would love to see that!

Good luck guys & have fun.