Friday, August 3, 2012

War of 1812: US Marines & Naval Gun Crew

 Some painting "in-process" shots of more figures for my 28mm War of 1812 collection.  A 36 figure US Marine infantry unit and a 6 figure naval gun crew.  All of the figures are new ranges from Knuckleduster.

Here's  a close up of the Naval Gun crew.  The figures are Joshua Barney and his unit of flotilla crewman who fought as infantry at the Battle of Bladensburg.  The flotilla men and a detachment of Marines were the only units that didn't run away during the battle.

Lastly, a closer shot of the US marines.  These uniforms are a bit more ornate than the standard US infantry but they should be fun to paint.

After this batch the next unit in the painting line will be a 36 figure Maryland Militia unit.

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DeanM said...

Nice looking sculpts - they have a nice 1812 range. Best, Dean