Friday, August 31, 2012

Finished the 1/1200 scale port

 Before solely focusing on 28mm War of 1812 stuff for Fall-In, I wanted to finish up the 1/1200 scale port to be used in Napoleonic naval games.  I think it came out pretty well.

 This is a small port that's defended by a large fort.  It might be viewed as a bit "over-board" for what in game terms is a simple objective but I think good scenery adds a great deal to a game experience.

 The fort casting and all of the houses / sea wall sections are manufactured by Langton Miniatures, who also put out superb ship models.

 Here's a close up of the town.  I have some details to add to the dock sections - piles of naval supplies and spare masts and will get around to that in the next few weeks.

 I decided to make the fort optional and have a small piece to add in for scenarios where the fort isn't really needed.  This was a fun little project!


scottsz said...

Beautiful work!

Curt Campbell said...

Awesome job, Miles! I like how you can swap-in or out the fort. Very nice.

SteelonSand said...

Brilliant work - really looking good!

warpaintjj said...

This is bloody marvellous work! The sea is as calm as a mill pond too.
Be good,

Ian said...

Very nice work indeed. You are right, good looking terrain really adds enjoyment. In thegood old days we tried to get away with not spending much on anything but figures. Now the terrin gets a larger budget, rather less tha figues but still far more than before


Strategic Command Wargaming said...
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jmilesr said...

SCW - Thank you for the very kind comment but I don't do commission work - I'm not that good and my methods are pretty easy to use