Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cold Wars Friday - Friday Gaming

 This weekend I attended the "Cold Wars" gaming convention, which is a HMGS show held in Lancaster, PA.  My first day was some general gaming and the second I played in the Bolt Action Tournament.

My first game was a Flames of War game set in Arnhem.  The GM was Jon Baber (WWPD) who built a superb Arnhem city board - it's one of the best 15mm tabletops I've ever seen.

 I played on the German side and was given Grabner's recon unit, which is pictured here.  The unit was the recon unit that attempted to drive across the bridge and through the Brit Para's with disastrous results.  Lets just say that under my command history was, indeed, repeated.  I got crushed but had a lot fun while doing so.   Who says FOW is ahistorical?

 Here's a shot of the Arnhem game in progress.  I enjoyed it immensely but learned that FOW has become very complex and I need to understand the rules better  - I look forward to a future game of FOW but will, hopefully, be better prepared.

 The next game on Friday was a 28mm ACW game using Regimental Fire and Fury.  My current project is 28mm ACW and I really like the Regimental Fire and Fury ruleset.  The game was put on by the author of the rules, Rich Hasenauer and his friend Mike Pierce.  As you can see, the table and mini's looked great.
 I commanded a confederate infantry brigade and a calvary regiment and attempted to turn the Union right flank.  After a few spirited attacks my forces were pushed back and then the Confederate center was pierced and the game called for the Union.  Despite the defeat, I found the game system a lot of fun.  The game's command system is very interesting and the ruleset has a lot going for it.

After my ACW game, I met up with a bunch of the WWPD guys and played a game of "Zombiecide".  We then retired to the bar and all I can remember is the picture to the left...

All-in-all a great Friday at the con.

Next up, the Bolt Action Tournament.


Grenzer John said...

I always looked forward to going to those conventions in Lancaster.

Francis Lee said...

Nice eye candy, it's been a while since I retired to a bar!

DeanM said...

Stunning looking games. Best, Dean