Friday, March 22, 2013

The Challenge comes to a close and yet even more Confederates

 Regiment #6 was recently completed and was one of my last submissions for Curt's Painting Challenge.  No surprise as these are "yet more" Perry plastics confederates in 28mm.  I still have enough unpainted figures for another 5 regiments but will likely switch to something else for a bit.  As for the "Challenge" it was a blast and has replaced cons as my favorite annual war-gaming event.  I placed 10th out of 48 competitors and am very pleased with my production for the event - please go take a look as there are some amazing submissions

 These figures continue to be a joy to build and paint and I really can't recommend them enough.  This project is being built for a linked game series at Historicon over a two day time frame.  The first day will feature some skirmish battles using Architects of War new ACW skirmish rules "Uncivil War".  The outcomes of the day 1 games will impact the large battle the following day and that's what I'm building these confederates for.

I'm not supposed to say a lot about the games yet but I can divulge that one of the objectives for the day1 skirmish game will be to blow up a Confederate ironclad, which will, of course, be fully modeled - with interiors - and is just under 36 inches long.  Once we nail down the details the games will be going up on the Historicon PEL.

This last unit brings my painted confederates to 7 regiments and 4 batteries so I'm just at the hallway point with the confederates.  For the Union, I'm cheating a bit as I've commissioned a good number of them to be done by the recently re-opened MMPS painting service.  Fons has done splendid work for me in the past and I'm looking forward to the next set of reinforcements from him.

Ok, painting to the workbench...


DeanM said...

Wow, impressive amount of figures as always. Best, Dean

Monty said...

Congrats! A top 10 finish is excellent in that crowd of busy painters. And an ACW skirmish game sounds very intriguing, especially the Rebel ironclad! I'm just now getting into Dark Age skirmish via Saga but Bolt Action and other games like it look quite fun too.

Good looking Rebs, and lots of them. Being in Maryland, you're perfectly positioned for visiting many of the ACW battlefield sites.

Thanks for following and I'll be doing the same!

Monty said...

really like the look of these, Miles - nice one ;)

Martin said...

are the ships in the background sails of glory stuff?

jmilesr said...

Thanks for the comments

Martin - The sailing ships in the background are 1/1200 Langtons, which are really superb models to build.

I think the Sails of Glory stuff will be in 1/1000 scale but not have the detail that the Langtons have (ratlines, rigging, brass sails etc.)

Doc Smith said...

So let me get this straight - that's fourteen regiments of Rebs!!! and you're halfway done! :-0 Very impressive. The new Perry's plastic Confederates look very good too and is that a unit of Japanese I spy behind them? You will be busy with that paintbrush!