Saturday, November 30, 2013

Comparison Shots of Type 92 Tankette

 I was asked to post some scale shots of the 3D printed Type 92 Tankettes and some of my other 28mm stuff.  First up, a few pictures next to three 28mm infantry figs (from left to right 2 Battle Honors figs and a plastic Warlod figure)

 Another view.

 Here's a close up with the plastic figure on the right.

Lastly, a comparison shot with a 1/56th scale Chi-Ha tank from Company B.  I think Nate hit the scale right on as these little vehicles look to be in scale


Moiterei_1984 said...

They're looking very nice!

Jon Yuengling said...

These look great. Not sure how the crew got in them. Are they for sale any where?

Ian said...

Great painting there and some 3D printing to boot


jmilesr said...

The tanks were produced by Nate (aka Rabid Monkey on the WWPD forums). The best way to contact him is over on the forums - here's a link to the thread about 3d Printing